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World Premiere - SFFILM FESTIVAL - April 2018



In a Ghanaian safe house, a team works to rehabilitate two boys who were trafficked into slavery to fishermen on Lake Volta. As it moves from rescue operation to healing process, this riveting film follows the boys through their recovery and reveals the extraordinary dedication of their rescuer.


“The Rescue List portrays an artful balance of ethnography and visual poetry while it brings to light the overlooked reality of child labor and slavery in Ghana.”


The Rescue List is an immersive documentary that intimately follows the lives of two rescued children living in a rehabilitation shelter in Ghana, as social workers help them recover from a childhood enslaved to fishermen. But their story takes an unexpected turn when their rescuer embarks on another rescue mission and asks the children for help.

The Rescue List charts the unfolding drama of these rescue operations alongside a moving portrait of the boys’ recoveries as they prepare to return to their families. By doing so, the film tells a moving story of friendship and courage - a story that transcends the trope of victimhood and illustrates what it means to love and to survive.




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The Rescue List is supported by SFFilm's fiscal sponsorship program, and every donation to our project is fully tax deductible.
We are still fundraising to build out the educational and community access elements for our film's campaign.

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Our film was made with the support of Challenging Heights, a Ghanaian based organization that works to protect children’s rights and end child trafficking. Visit their website and learn how your donation can make a significant impact.

FULL action and outreach campaign coming later in 2018!

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